About Us

The Competitive Skater was started on the belief that good skating equipment doesn't have to cost a lot.
Adrienne has been a competitive roller figure skater for over 20 years. Several years ago she sought out a way to save herself, and her club members, money on skating equipment. A great relationship was built with the distributor and in early 2015 Adrienne decided to start The Competitive Skater so that skaters all over the nation could take advantage of the great savings. Our goal here at The Competitive Skater is to provide great customer service, great products, and competitive prices!


How does it work?
There are two ways to order: through our Store or by sending your orders to info@TheCompetitiveSkater.com. From there, we send your order off to Italy for fulfillment.

Why is shipping charged separately?
To keep prices low, we charge for shipping based on your unique order. Each order is placed from our distributor in Italy on an as-ordered basis and we handle all of the customs clearance and exchange rate fees for you. We will contact you to determine what level of service you'd like for your order and then send a separate invoice for the shipping charges. Shipping charges must be paid for prior to us releasing your order for shipment from Italy. You may also contact us prior to placing an order to obtain a shipping quote.

Am I responsible for any Customs / Duty charges?
You, the customer, are not responsible for any customs or duty charges. All orders coming from Italy arrive to us here in Seattle first and then we ship to you. All shipments are sent to you on a domestic level.

Club Orders
We specialize in coordinating orders for entire clubs. The shipping charge is then divided by club members which allows for everyone to take advantage of the great pricing. If you are interested arranging in a club order, please contact us.

I Don't See What I Need?
If you can't find what you're looking for, please email us at Info@TheCompetitiveSkater.com and we will work hard to find what you need.